my picture I am born in 1946. After completing the technical school in 1964 I started working at the "Bell Telephone Mfg Co", the name of the company is now "Alcatel Bell". I stayed in this company in different functions, all of which where closely connected to test, software test and test automation. In 1997 cancer was discovered. We won the battle against it, but it prematurely ended my career as an active designer/department chief.
From October 1, 2006 I am retired, so from now on software/design will be an hobby.
During my professional career I worked with Intel 8080 assembler, with Intel PL/M for 8086, and 80186.
My first personal computer was a Tandy TRS-80, on which I also learned Basic. With the introduction of the IBM-PC I gradually learned CW-Basic, QBasic, Pascal, Borland Turbo Pascal, Borland Turbo C/C++, and after 1997 Borland C++ Builder.
TomBoonen Computer and software is not my only hobby, it is not even my prime hobby. I am a bicycle lover since ±1985 . When the weather is dry you can find me in on the road with my bicycle type Ridley Triton, for some 2 hours per day. The picture on the left is not mine but from Tom Boonen winning the UCI Worldchampionship in Madrid 2005.
my dog Meanwhile I have to take care of my little dog, a French bulldog, that strongly requests its daily walk.

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