TZipBuilder is the CPP translation of the Delphi component TZipMaster. For info about TZipMaster and downloads see
The TZipBuilder component allows a program to archive the contents of files in a condensed form, and to restore this content in the original form without loss of data. The component also has to capability of creating "self-extracting" archives.
The nucleus of the component is a DLL.
The latest version of the dll can be found at

New version 1.92

New in version 1.92:

New build

New build for :

Additional files and tools

Additional files : DelZip.dll - LangRes - SFX sources
and tools: RcUpd - ZipResMaker - ZipSniffer
are available in Additional files and tools

Available downloads:

As before the component remains free-ware, we urge you to use the free mail list
delphizip AT freelists DOT org, to send any questions remarks, or bug reports. To use this list you have to subscribe to it. You can subscribe via:

The DLL mentioned earlier is based on DLL's from Info-ZIP:
But if you have problems they will not be able to help you, use the mail list.
For the "C" sources for the Dll's go to

For the available downloads of previous releases see ZipBuilder_vault

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