This is an overview of the tools used to create the web pages and the software offered in the downloads.

Software development

Design, compiling and linking is done with Borland C++ Builder 5 Enterprise version, this is no freeware nor shareware, info can be found at
In some occasions components from other sources have been used, this is mentioned in the corresponding pages about this software.

Creation of archives and install packages 
Zip archivesBackup2Floppy
Install packagesInnoSetup

Design of web pages

We prefer to create the web pages by writing HTML and test the result with some browsers.

Text editorUltraEdit-32
Internet Explorer 9.0.4
Mozilla FireFox 10.0.1
Html verificationW3C Markup Validation Service

The screen shot gif files were created with IrfanView, this is a freeware program that can be found at

For uploading of the pages to the server we used FTP program FileZilla that can be found at

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