All published software can be used freely (Freeware), license restrictions are shown in some programs because the authors of the components used in these programs requested to do so.



Can split large files in smaller junks so that they can be saved on floppy discs. The same program allows for the operation in the opposite direction with the un split function. For more info and down load click here on SplitFiles or on the SplitFiles item in the menu.



Allows backup of your important files to floppy disks. The user can indicate what files have to be included in the backup and what files are to be excluded. The program has a restore function that allows to restore 1 or more files from the backup to the hard disk in their original folder or in a folder chosen by he user If the backup is larger than the capacity of a floppy disk then the program shall split the file over multiple disks.
For more info and download click here on Backup2Floppy or select Backup2Floppy in the menu.



Prints the contents of your directory directly on your printer, or save it to a text file for later processing. Simple to use with a flavor of options to adapt the listing to your wishes. For more info and download click here on DirPrint or select DirPrint in the menu.



No this is not a program to check if you have all the numbers correct. It cannot predict what numbers will be drawn, and you cannot use it to fill you lotto form.
Then what is it ?
A group of people, number unlimited, plays a bingo together. Each participant chooses 10 numbers at the start of the game, at the lotto drawing on Saturday evening we erase the drawn numbers. The rest of the numbers is transferred to next weeks drawing were this is repeated until one or more players have all their numbers erased. These are the winners, how much they win depends on the agreements made at the start of the game.
LottoChecker is a program that automatises the above.
For more info and download click Lotto or select Lotto in the menu.



DuifNKot is a management program for you pigeon loft.
It is designed to collect and store all the data for your doves in a simple and survey-able manner, and using this data create a number of lists that can be viewed and printed.
For more info and download click DuifNKot or select DuifNKot in the menu.


The components shown here can be used in Borland C++ Builder in the usual way, install instructions are added when needed. Only source files are given for components.



Component to split a file in smaller files and later re-composes the original file from these parts. For more info or download click here on FileSplitter or select FileSplitter in the menu.



Descendant of TStringGrid with sorting as main added functionality, has many other added features. For more info or download click here on SortGrid or select SortGrid in the menu.



This component executes the zip/unzip function as well as the disk spanning if necessary. This is the BCB version of the DelphiZip component. The version you find here will always be the latest released version. For more info or download click here on TZipBuilder191 or on TZipBuilder192 or select TZipBuilder191 or TZipBuilder192 in the menu.

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