A group of people, number unlimited, plays a bingo together. Each participant chooses 10 numbers at the start of the game, at the lotto drawing on Saturday evening ( or any other day of your choice) we erase the drawn numbers. The rest of the numbers is transferred to next weeks drawing were this is repeated until one or more players have all their numbers erased. These are the winners, how much they win depends on the agreements made at the start of the game.
LottoChecker is a program that automatises the above.
At the start the players and their Numbers are entered in a database, and all we have to do is enter the drawn numbers each week, the program will do all the rest. Because the program is used by humans, and humans make mistakes a number of correction possibilities is build in. To make control afterwards possible a file is made for each step taken that is saved on the hard disc.
An extensive help file is available.

From version 1.2.0 LottoChecker has been made so that one person can be the administrator for more than one group of players. When the program is started it will ask if you want to work with 1 or with multiple player groups. If multiple groups are selected then a name has to be entered for each group and the program options can be chosen independently for each group.

New Version

New build

New build for : New in this version:

In version the program has been adapted for proper installation and working in Windows Vista and later
The functionality of the program is not changed.

The program is available in a self-installing version that will put all needed parts on your computer together with an empty and example database. Please read the help file before starting the program.

For a download Lotto1313Setup.exe

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