Is a program that allows to split a file in smaller part files.
In reverse it can recompose the original file from its parts.
From version 2.0 onwards it can also split a file in parts and add a executable program that can recompose the original file without the help of another program.

New build

New version

New in this version:

This version does not change the operation of the program.
This version is a multi-language version, both Dutch and English version are now in one program and can be switched by the user.
The new method used for switching languages makes adding other languages a lot easier.
If you want to help us by adding other languages, drop me a message and I will send you the texts that need translation.

To give you an idea of the program, here you can see a screen shot of the split function, the unsplit function, and the Create SUF function

To install SplitFiles on your computer download SFiles2104Setup.exe
MD5Sum: 57ae8379a76039b12be8fb7aa6f66933
and execute the installation


No known bugs at this moment.

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