TSortGrid is the CPP translation of the Delphi component SortGrid.
The original SortGrid is designed by Bill Menees
And has been changed by Eric W. Engler and Ivo Eichler.
Chris Vleghert has done the major changes and also integrated MultiGrid to it.

TSortGrid is a descendant from TStringGrid, but adds a lot of functionality to it, such as sorting capabilities, printing with a lot of parameters.
Sorting can be done using the string of one column as a key to have all rows sorted.
Sorting can be started from the program or by user action, the user can click on the top of a column to sort the grid using that column as key.
Using a column means that the content of the string can be interpreted as a string, a numeric value, a date time, a time or any custom sorting criterion.

New Version

New build

New in version 5.1:

Install instructions can be found in Install.txt in the /doc folder.
A ReadMe.txt in the /doc folder file gives an overview of the content of the archive.

The available downloads are:

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The integral text about distribution rights and warranty can be found in the Help file section "Distribution Policy and Copyright"

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