TFileSplitter is a non-visual software component for Borland C++Builder.
Principally it should work for all versions of Borland C++ Builder, but only version BCB5 and BCB6 were tested.
TFileSplitter allows splitting a file in smaller parts, and later recompose the same file back out of this parts.

New version

New build

New in this version:

New event addded OnErrorStr.
This event is fired when the component wants to display an error message, this allows the application to supply its own version of the error message.
This allows multi-language applications to supply error messages according to their own language settings.

The zip archive for download contains all files needed for installation of the component in BCB, including the help files, the bcbsuf__.bin files, the bcbsuf__res files, the SUF sources and the basic tools to create other language modules.
Install instructions can be found in Install.txt in the docs folder

The downloads are:

Distribution rights & Warranty

The integral text about distribution rights and warranty can be found in the Help file section "Distribution Policy and Copyright"

Previous versions

Version v1.0 remains available at MD5Sum: fc8441051ae764496aacae3eeb27708d
Version v2.1.0 remains available at MD5Sum: 0cebea487ad7de38a85fd79177caca5d

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