DuifNKot is a management program for your pigeon loft.
It is designed to collect and store all the data for your doves in a simple and survey-able manner, and using this data creates a number of lists that can be viewed and printed.

The program is designed based on ideas and data supplied by Rudy Van Raemdonck,
a pigeon owner in my home town Rupelmonde

We strongly suggest that you read the accompanying manual completely before starting the program.
The program is at your disposal as long as you comply with the License Agreement.

New Version

Version brings no functional changes to the program.
The program has been adapted for proper installation and working under Windows Vista and later.

The program is available in a self-installing version that will put all needed parts on your computer together with an empty and example database. Please read the help file before starting the program.
If a previous version of the program is on your computer you don't need to remove it.

For a download DNKot1040Setup.exe

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