The purpose of Backup2Floppy is to copy your files from hard disc to floppy discs in a condensed form. The user can choose freely what files has to be archived and what files not.
Of course the program allows restoration of files from the archive to the hard disc in their original format. This can be done in the original directory or in another directory.
A third part allows testing the integrity of the archives, this assures us that we can use these archives later to restore the files without difficulties.
The program exists in a bi-lingual version, Dutch and English, the user can switch between the two languages. On-line help is provided in both languages.

The user can control the progress of the program and the content of the archives, on the screen. To have an idea of the graphical presentation to the user a screen shot of the operation of the program during definition of the archive content is shown in backup, a second screen shot gives an idea of the interface during a restore operation.

New version

New build

New build for :

The program is adapted for proper installation and working under Windows Vista and later.
Option 'Reload Last Set' is added to the FileSets menu, this option will automatically reload the last opened set when the program is started again.

The download is self-installing and contains all needed files.

Known Bugs and Problems

All known bugs and problems are solved in this version.

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